Email Pen Pals

I have three pen-pals, their names are Kelly, Taesharra, Danielle. I’m in contact with them by email and/or phone. I’m liking this experience, and they are all girls!

Email Pen Pals

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My School Job

Everyone thinks that a job has to do with money but it doesn’t. You can earn something else.

Well my job is being a Jr. Librarian. Me and a few other students in 5th grade help with the 1st graders after we eat lunch and we have enough time we work in our school’s library. Today was my first day.

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Dear Mom and Dad

Hi Mom and Dad,

I have a few goals. They are mostly in academics. My first goal is to keep improving on every reading test I get. My second goal is to try and keep increasing the quantity and quality of my writing so I will get a better score on my personal narrative. I hope I will be able to achieve these goals before school ends.


I hope you liked it!

~Clarissa~ 🙂

5 Favorite Sports

  1. Soccer, because I have been doing it with my puppies.
  2. Golfing, I am the golfing queen.
  3. Football, even though I haven’t played it yet, I think it’s awesome.
  4. Kickball, even though I suck, it’s the thought of that counts.
  5. Baseball, becuase I got hit in the head with a bat!









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